About Ruislip Tyres

Why Ruislip tyres for your tyresBalancing

As a privately owned business we have none of the overheads of the big national chains (TV advertising, head office costs etc) which means we are almost always cheaper than the major tyre places.  Being our own business, we are experts in tyres and wheels, finding the right ones for you. And finally, we pride ourselves on our honesty and customer service.  If you don't need a new tyre, or there is a better and cheaper make (which we have access to when the majors don't) we will tell you. 

We want people to come back time and again to us, even if you only get new tyres once in a blue moon!  So we provide the best advice we can, combined with the lowest prices in the area.

All our prices include fitting, balancing and valves.

We get lots of female customers, almost all from recommendation, as the word has got around that we are honest with everyone, treat people as people, won't blind them with technical jargon and just be nice!!  See some of our testimonials if you don't believe us!

We deal with all sorts of people, from elderly people who drive just a few miles a month, through the normal family motorist to the motor sport enthusiast.

History of Ruislip Tyres

We are a family business which opened in our present location in 1961.

Richard Maguire had worked here as a teenager from 1996 and then went on to work for high end dealer HR Owen to gain experience at the top end of customer service. 

Richard and his business partner took over the business from the retiring owner in 2009.

We continually invest in the right equipment and training on the latest tyre technology and products.

Tyre Disposal

We use a licensed waste carrier for disposal of all our old tyres ensuring they are disposed of properly.  They are often recycled into road surfaces, playgrounds and plastic containers.

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