Tyre equipment

We have invested heavily in the best tyre equipment available. This includes the very latest fitting and balancing machines, which most tyre places do not have.  Our key staff have been trained to make full use of the facilities and capabilities of the machines.

What does this give you?
The balancing machine uses laser wheel balancing with automatic weight fitting.  This is far more accurate than previous machines and eliminates error through hand fitting the balancing weights.  This in turn stops any wheel vibration from balance weights not being in exactly the right position.

We can now balance wheels up to 32 inches in diameter, so we can deal with almost all wheels including Hummers and specialist 4x4s.

Our new fitting machine comes with nylon fittings and clamps which eliminates damage to wheels, especially alloys, which older machines can do if not used carefully.

Give us a call for advice and pricing for your tyre needs.