Customers of Ruislip tyres

Our customers include a very wide selection of people, from the ordinary motorist through to companies, car clubs, golf clubs and even racing teams. Read for yourself what our customers have to say about our service.

  • "Supplier for my response car tyres. Top service & very professional"
    Richard C , London Fire Brigade
  • "Recommended to buy tyres. We [rang] today at 10am, bought & fitted 2 new tyres at 12.00! Fantastic"
    Mr Johnson , Watford
  • "Lovely shop, excellent service."
    Ross T , Ruislip
  • "Cheaper than KwikFit!"
    J Harrison , Ruislip
  • "Richard very good at his job, service excellent well pleased."
    D Russell , Northolt
  • "Quality service, you know you're not going to get ripped off. Well recommend"
    N Humphreys , Eastcote
  • "Cheap & fab friendly service"
    M Parsons , Harefield
  • "A+ as always"
    D May , Eastcote
  • "Been coming here for years and will continue to do so."
    G Chapman , London Fire Brigade
  • "Excellent friendly for service"
    Janet S , Ruislip
  • "Very quick, efficient and painless"
    R Isaacson , Ruislip
  • "Perfect service with a smile. Thanks"
    A Morris , Dunstable
  • "Glad that you have resumed the business I have been losst the past few years. I can recommend you now"
    Henry C , Ickenham
  • "Brilliant service, quick and easy to sort out. Thanks"
    Kara W , Eastcote
  • "Prompt and thorough problem solving excellence"
    I Brooks , Eastcote
  • "Been before and very happy. 2nd time and love it. Amazing service thanks."
    R Tran , Ruislip
  • "You saved my life!! Thank you"
    Cathy C , Northwood
  • "A rather spiffing automobile tyre service! Richard is a jolly good chap"
    D Kent , Ruislip
  • "Excellent service. Thank you"
    M Lawless , Ruislip
  • "As ever an excellent service"
    Bill S , Ruislip
  • "Fun and exciting, worth the wait. Good [value] for money"
    Jonathon E , Northwood
  • "Same price as Costco & local. Excellent"
    Linda G , Eastcote
  • "1st Class service. Enjoyed visit!!"
    John & Susan
  • "Better than perfect! Thanks"
    Mitch , Ruislip Manor
  • "Very fast friendly and efficient service. Thankyou"
    H Donaldson , Ruislip
  • "Excellent service and price, well worth the long drive."
    Najwa , N1
  • "Did what they said they would. With a smile."
    Nathan , Ruislip
  • "Greet you with a smile, excellent service. Very helpful"
    Walia , Eastcote
  • "Great service. Mr Maguire knows how to treat his customers well. I will be back!"
    Sheldon , Ruislip
  • "Good reliable service"
    John , Denham
  • "Excellent service as always A+++"
    Mark , Ickenham
  • "Excellent"
    Pete , Ruislip
  • "Excellent service, superb knowledge"
    Chris , Pinner
  • "A+ Cheers"
    Dave , Eastcote
  • "Brilliant & quick service"
    C. Adam , South Ruislip
  • "Great Service"
    K Harris , Ickenham
  • "Excellent!!"
    Harry , Wembley
  • "Very good service"
    Unknown , Ruislip
  • "Excellent service, had a lovely day."
    Rex , Watford
  • "Excellent - wouldn't go anywhere else"
    Suzi , Hillingdon
  • "Come here everytime for my car. Cheap, friendly & good service"
    Sarah , South Ruislip
  • "Come here all the time, always will"
    Neil , South Ruislip
  • "Great friendly helpful service. Thanks"
    Pat , Eastcote
  • "Very helpful. Thank you"
    Mrs Yule , Ruislip Manor
  • "Thank you Richard. Much appreciated"
    Joan J , Watford
  • "Excellent"
    Les , Ruislip Manor
  • "Richard was a lifesaver - Many Thanks"
    Unknown , Ruislip
  • "Fast, Helpful, Thanks again!"
    James Cox , Ruislip
  • "Nice and Local. Good price match"
    G.F , Ruislip
  • "Fantastic, very helpful"
    Caroline A , Ruislip
  • "Always first class"
    Norman B , Ruislip
  • "Very helpful and efficient. Thanks"
    Phil M , Uxbridge
  • "Excellent price + service"
    Michele , South Ruislip
  • "Very helpful throughout. Would gladly use again"
    J Guot , Ruislip
  • "Fantastic service, second to none"
    R Spencer , High Wycombe
  • "Friendly, courteous service. Would recommend"
    D Cooper , Ruislip
  • "Excellent service and value"
    P. Pitfield , Ruislip
  • "Very good value. Thanks!"
    Steph , Northwood
  • "Fast Service"
    A.B Security , Ruislip
  • "1st Class"
    Domestic Repairs , Ruislip
  • "Top service! Would recommend to anyone!"
    H. Dar , Pinner
  • "Efficient + good value"
    J Greiller
  • "Very good service, good value"
    D. Bethane
  • "Excellent service, great value for money, friendly."
    T. Shaw
  • "Always get well looked after when I come here"
    G Chapman
  • "Great service as always"
    N. Golani
  • "Quick and efficient, I will come back again"
    P Baxter
  • "Excellent friendly service & good value - Thank you"
    B Steptoe
  • "Excellent customer service over the xmas period. Very grateful"
    G. Wells
  • "Fantastic service will be back and will tell my friends"
    Dan , Ruislip Manor
  • "Excellent service & very competitive price. Thanks"
    Tessa , Ruislip
  • "Top notch, quick & efficient!"
    Kaz , Ruislip
  • "Very good service, many thanks"
    P Tubbs , Ruislip Manor
  • "A1 service I will return"
    E.R. Eamb , West Drayton
  • "Excellent + fast! Thanks"
    J. Craig , Ruislip
  • "Great service + fast. Thanks"
    P Ferguson , Ruislip
  • "Glad to see Pete's shop still going. Thank you (Great Service) again"
    R Rogers , Leighton Buzzard
  • "Brilliant service. Thank you"
    A McHear , Ruislip
  • "Excellent service as always"
    C White , Ruislip
  • "Brilliant, polite service"
    L Holmes , Ruislip Manor
  • "Smashing service, Cracking attitude and didn't dent my wallet too much"
    N Humphreys , Eastcote
  • "Good service. Friendly and reasonable price. V.Pleased"
    D Downs , Ruislip
  • "Excellent friendly service"
    F Boland , Ruislip Gardens
  • "Fabulous Service - well recommended. Thanks"
    T Garret , Ruislip
  • "I always come all the way from Pinner for the fab service and price"
    Barbara , Pinner
  • "Good fast service. Very happy"
    L Cauley , Harrow
  • "Awesome!!"
    Elliott , Harrow
  • "Great service"
    Wight , Ruislip
  • "Great friendly & helpful"
    Lewis , Ruislip
  • "So helpful, No Agro, Good Price - Brilliant. Thanks x4"
    P Goss
  • "Good service and good man. Thanks"
    J Sheen , Ruislip
  • "Excellent service. Quick, efficient & best price"
    D. West , Ruislip
  • "Fab service as usual by Richard & the boys. Very trustworthy! Fab!"
    F Josef , Ruislip
  • "Great service, friendly & very helpful - Thank you!"
    N Reavill , Ruislip
  • "As usual, no prob!"
    Dave L , Ruislip