Budget Tyres


We choose our budget low-cost tyres based on providing a reasonable tyre that is going to provide a good life whilst being excellent value for money.

We will not supply the very low cost super-cheap ones because we find their very short life means that you end up replacing much more frequently which actually costs more money.

Some of the cheapest tyres around are actually not designed for the British climate, which means that whilst they have most of the right markings, they can actually fail as soon as the temperature falls.  We will not supply those tyres.

Similarly we will not sell remoulds, re-treads or part-worns.  They do not last and because we do not know their history we cannot tell if they have been damaged and could be unsafe.

However our budget tyres are still very competitive, particularly over the their lifetime.

Please give us a call for advice and a quote for the right budget tyres for your car.