Tyre repairs

Not all tyres can be repaired, but many can be that other tyre places will tell you cannot.

Subaru _repairBecause we have a full understanding of the legal requirements, tyre safety issues and repair options we can repair tyres that many other places will not do.  Maybe it has something to do with the fact they don't have the same level of training as us, and may be on commission to sell new tyres rather than make less money repairing existing ones!

We estimate that around 85% of punctures can be repaired.  As a rough guide as long as it is in the main face of the tyre and an inch away from the side wall, then there is a good chance we can repair it.

The tyre is probably not repairable if:

Repair warnings

Motoring organisations can provide a temporary repair that is fitted from the outside.  This is fine as a short term measure, but should be replaced quickly.

If you are offered by a tyre place a repair that does not involve them taking the tyre off, then leave quickly.  Some will offer to insert a "shoelace" type repair from the outside.  They are designed for very slow vehicles like golf buggies and are illegal and unsafe for road tyres.

If you think your tyre may be possible to repair, then pop in to see us for an honest, expert assessment.