Tyre safety and information

Tyre safety - The legal limits

The legal limit for minimum depth of the tread on car tyres is 1.6 mm.  This has to extend across the central 3/4 of the tread and be around the complete circumference of the tyre.  There are discussions under way to make the limit 3mm which would match the rest of Europe.

Cords _on _tyreIn addition cords must not be exposed and there must be no bulges or tear in the side walls.

Failing to meet the legal limits can result in 3 points on your licence and a £2,500 fine per tyre.

Tyre care

We recommend changing tyres when they have reached a depth of 3 mm since handling and braking distance get worse below 3mm, particularly in the wet.

We recommend you carry out regular checks of your tyres when they are cold.  A tyre pressure gauge is only a few pounds, and it doesn't take long to check the pressures.  The manufacturer's recommended pressures will be in the hand book and normally on a panel by the driver's door (when the door is open).  Keeping the tyres at the recommended pressures will lengthen the life of the tyres and improve both handling and fuel economy.

Also do a quick inspection of the tyres to make sure there is no visible damage.

We recommend that you make sure you have a jack and if you have locking wheel nuts, that you have the socket for it with you in the car.

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