Winter Tyres

We sell many winter tyres (sometimes called cold weather tyres).  These are tyres that are specially designed for cold weather, with dramatically enhanced Winter _tyresperformance.

The winter tyre range will match your needs, keep you mobile and provide optimal safety on wet, snow-covered or icy roads in winter.  Research by Michelin has shown that in bad weather (snow / ice), having winter tyres can reduce your braking distance at 30 mph by up to 24 metres.

When and how to use winter tyres

Winter (cold weather tyres) work best when the temperature is below 7 C.

Winter tyres should be fitted to all four wheels, just fitting them to the driving wheels can make the car unstable.

Some of our customers buy a second set of wheels for the winter and we just swap the whole wheels over for them.  For other customers we just swap the tyres onto their main wheels, and are happy to swap them back when the weather warms up for a modest charge.

We do not store customer's tyres for them, and we recommend that you thoroughly check anywhere that does offer to store your normal tyres.  We have had customers come in to buy complete sets of new tyres when another tyre place which was storing their tyres for them produced a set of almost worn out ones at the end of the period.

Tyre pressure advice

As temperatures fall, so does tyre pressure. We recommend you check your tyre pressures as temperatures begin to drop.

Do talk to us if you thinking about winter tyres.