Stylish wheels for your car

We offer custom wheels from 3 main manufacturers.Wheel1

Wheel advice

As well as looking good, wheels have to fit technically to the car.  Sounds obvious, but it is amazing how often we get people coming in having bought wheels elsewhere that don't fit their car.  We can advise on the right wheels for your model of car, particularly for the many models of Subaru Impreza, where we are one of the leading experts in the country.  In fact the leading Subaru enthusiasts site (Scoobynet) has named our Richard "The wheel guru".

"Richard is definitely the place if you want wheels for your Subaru" Rob 84 (Scoobnet)

Rim rolling and other adjustments

Sometimes the car can be adjusted to fit a particular set of desired wheels.  For example we can arrange professional arch rolling, where the wheel arches can be flared out to prevent rubbing.

We can also get wheels refurbished to maintain the "as-new" look.

Contact us to talk about getting the right wheels for your vehicle.